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  • 04/18/13--06:01: Thinking Mobile.
  • Voices from the first Bonnier Digital Forum.

    Blake Engel, Denis Lebedev, Pietari Korhonen, Nikki Sørensen, Liselotte Walther Jørgensen and Anna Åberg with back to camera (photo Samir Soudah)

    Earlier this week, the first Bonnier Digital Forum took place in Stockholm, with 40 digital talents from all over the Bonnier world taking part. The topic for the invitation-only forum was “Mobile-First Media.” 

    "Meeting a lot of people in the same business as I'm in gives a lot of input, to listen to them and see their view on things. We're all quite connected, even though we're not working on exactly the same things," says Johanna Björnholm of the Swedish trade and business magazinesResumé/Veckans Affärer.

    The event was the first of three planned for this year, and the discussion was around the challenges facing the mobile market today.

    "Only four percent of people say that they're okay with mobile advertising. I think that's an interesting challenge, as ads are the primary revenue source for a lot of our businesses," said Jason Weiser, of kid's app developer Toca Boca.

    Guest speaker Gustav Martner from CP+B  gave his insights into the development of advertising on mobile devices.

    "For me as a marketer, I liked the ideas and cases that were presented by Gustav Martner of CP+B Europe, looking at it from an ad perspective," said Thien Than from magazine publisher Bonnier Media in Norway. "There was especially one idea with a discount countdown. The image of a guy running to the counter as fast as he can, just to get a discount, was really interesting to me, and I think the concept can be applied to many different shopping situations."

    Among other speakers was Jake Ward, editor-in-chief for Popular Science, who delivered some fascinating facts about where the development of data looks to be going. Another big theme for the days was responsive design.

    “Fredrik Strömberg [of Swedish magazine publisher Bonnier Tidskrifter] was talking about the case of their responsive design and how it's affecting business, and I heard about it in October when they were launching site with these new ideas. So to me it was so nice to follow up and hear about how it turned out," said Pietri Korhonen of Bonnier Publications Finland, which publishes magazines.

    Blake Engel of Bonnier Growth Media, R&D noted that reactions to responsive design at the forum were mixed: "It makes me think that responsive web design has a marketing problem. People hear that term and they don't quite know what to think about it, but in my experience it's been a good, and not even that large, investment. It makes me optimistic that we can just explain it a little bit better, we'll get people to see that it can be a really good investment."

    The Bonnier Digital Forum is part of Bonnier's digital talent initiative, Decide to Develop (D2D).





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  • 04/18/13--07:36: For World Book Day.
  • Talks and tours from Swedish book publisher Bonnierförlagen. 

    World Book Day

    April 23 is World Book Day - a day completely dedicated to books. Swedish book publisher is celebrating the day in a special way: staff members will be going to speak to different groups of booklovers in Stockholm during the morning on everything you'd want to know about literature. In the afternoon, the publisher is hosting an open house for the public at its offices in downtown Stockholm.

    "We want to spread the love of literature and we had a whole lot of ideas of how we could do it," says Bodil Forsberg Unenge, marketing and communication manager at Bonnierförlagen. "After narrowing down the huge list, we decided that we'd empty the buiolding and offer ourselves to people who want to talk books. Then we'd fill the house in the afternoon by inviting everyone to come visit us at our offices."

    Groups in Stockholm wanting to book time for someone from Bonnierförlagen to speak (for free) can book a 30 minutes slot here. Or they can send a mail to with their request. The topics available to talk about include, among others: 

    • E-books in Sweden
    • How do you become an author?
    • What does a publisher and editor do?
    • How do I get my kids to read?
    • Reading aloud


    "We've already gotten a number of requests,  from companies, schools, retirement homes, libraries and hospitals," says Forsberg Unenge. "I'll be giving a reading at a retirement home. I'm really looking forward to it!"

    The afternoon tours will go every half hour starting at 1:30 p.m. and ending at 4 p.m. The number of spots are limited, so you need to book ahead by calling +46 8 696 86 12.

    "On the guided tour you'll get to see our publishing houses - Albert Bonniers Förlag, Bonnier Fakta, Bonnier Carlsen, Forum, Wahlström & Widstrand, Månpocket och Bonnierpocket - and meet our employees and authors," says Forsberg Unenge. "You'll get to see our rights agency, Bonnier Group Agency, as well as our production and our marketing departments. You'll even get to see some jewels from our archive and hear our proud history, both when it comes to our publishing operations and the building we're housed in."


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  • 04/23/13--09:57: Why a Contest?
  • Emily Thomas explains the thinking behind the Guardian Hot Key Books Young Writers Prize.

    Vivian Versus the Apocalypse and The Rig

    Last week, the Guardian Hot Key Books Young Writers Prize winners were announced: 25-year-old Katie Coyle for Vivian Versus the Apocalypse and 24-year-old Joe Ducie for The Rig. The winners will get GBP 10,000 and have their books published in September. “We will be marketing and selling them with the same energy and commitment we give to all our authors and books,” says Emily Thomas, publisher at London-based Hot Key Books and one of the judges. “We see the winning authors as valuable assets on our list and will nurture and guide them throughout their writing careers. We are delighted to have them in the 'family'!”

    For Thomas, the contest is really about Hot Key Books’ mission to champion and nurture talent. “By running a competition so specifically targeted at young writers, we really feel we are seeing the fresh, the invigorating and the 'open' talent that we may not receive on submission. Also, it is a great way of inspiring creativity and interest in books and the writing process in general as well as setting the tone for us, as a new publisher.”

    Hot Key Books chose to partner with the Guardian because the two share similar values and the newspaper has a history of promoting literacy and literature competitions. The Guardian not only gives the contest the right kind of attention in its news and other channels, but also provided one of the judges, journalist Julia Eccleshare.

    Along with the adult judges – Thomas, Eccelshare, plus ex-Chair of the Children’s Booksellers’ Association John Newman and authors Will Hill and Elen Caldecott – students from Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton, London and Thongsley Fields Primary School in Cambridgeshire were also involved in the judging process.

    “The student judges were an invaluable part of the process,” says Thomas. “'In regard to judging the YA category there was an interesting, unanimous response from the student judges that echoed perfectly that of the rest  of us. We are right on track in terms of appealing to our target audience for this category!”


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  • 04/23/13--10:26: New Network.
  • Bonnier Growth Media backs new multichannel network.

    Ulrika Saxon and Stina Honkamaa

    Combining their experiences, Google and YouTube Sweden CEO Stina Honkamaa, former TV4 program director Malte Andreasson, TV production veterans Jan Zachrisson and Oscar Höglund and Bonnier Growth Media are joining forces to create United Screens, a new multichannel network that brings rights holders, advertisers and YouTube viewers together online. Honkamaa will serve as CEO for the new company.

    “In a world where viewers are demanding more and more digital video content, in and on every thinkable format, screen and channel, we’re creating unique possibilities for content creators, advertisers and consumers,” says Ulrika Saxon, CEO for Bonnier Growth Media. “I’m convinced that United Screens, and the dream team behind it, have an amazing chance to take advantage of these fantastic possibilities.”

    Currently, a lot of the content from media and production companies in Sweden isn’t available on the Internet, primarily due to copyright issues and a lack of effective licensing models. United Screens addresses this problem with a new business model that allows copyright holders to share advertising revenue with United Screens and YouTube. Viewers will have access to both traditional TV content and new material produced exclusively for United Screens, neatly organized across a diverse range of channels.

    “Those media and production companies that we have already contracted with and who have seen our business model consider us a valuable partner with a solution to a problem that they’ve been trying to solve for many years,” says Jan Zachrisson, who will serve as board chair of United Screens. “They are best at producing content for traditional TV, a format that is and will continue to be appreciated by viewers. With our combined experience, we are best at providing digital content, management and business models that aren’t merely adapted for the web but were created from the beginning for the web.”


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  • 04/24/13--06:57: Forbes in Danish.
  • Børsen gives its subscribers something extra.

    Danish Forbes

    Earlier this April, business dailyBørsen came out with a first: a Danish edition of the U.S. magazine Forbes.

    “We’ll be publishing two issues a year,” says Anders Krab-Johansen, editor-in-chief for Børsen. “The first issue focused on the world’s billionaires, and this autumn we will look at the top 40 richest Danes.”

    The issue is completely in Danish and is offered exclusively to Børsen subscribers for free.

    “The revenue for the special edition comes from advertising, with Forbes getting a share of the revenues,” says Krab-Johansen. “As part of our agreement, we have access to content from Forbes, but we write the bulk of the texts ourselves.”

    So far, the issue has been popular with readers, says Krab-Johansen: “A big part of putting out the Danish Forbes was to give us happier subscribers!”



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  • 04/26/13--08:44: Salla Simukka's Success.
  • Tammi author Salla Simukka’s Snow White Trilogy sells international rights in 15 countries.

    As Red as Blood by Salla Simukka

    Salla Simukka is turning Snow White into a huge success: the first book in her young adult trilogy, As Red as Blood, published in February by Tammi in Finland, is shaping up to be an international hit, with rights sold in 15 countries, most recently for the U.S. and the U.K.

    “We are absolutely thrilled to announce that both the U.S. and U.K. rights to the Snow White Trilogy by Finnish author Salla Simukka have been sold right after the London Book Fair," says literary agent Elina Ahlbäck at Elina Ahlback Literary Agency. “This is a historical breakthrough of a Finnish YA author and we congratulate Salla Simukka for her global success!”

    The North American rights have beenacquired by Amazon Children’s Publishing/Skyscape by Larry Kirshbaum and the U.K. and Commonwealth rights have been sold to Hot Key Books. Simultaneous publication is planned for 2014.

    “Discovering these fantastically crafted novels by the very talented Finnish author, Salla Simukka has been a real highlight this year for me," says Hot Key Books Publisher Emily Thomas. "Salla's courageous and vivid heroine, Lumikki, takes us on a compelling journey, and this outstanding sensual thriller sequence will utterly entrance readers! We are thrilled to be the U.K. home for The Snow White Trilogy."

    Along with the U.K. and the U.S., the rights have been sold to Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Turkey.

    In Finland, Book No. 1 in The Snow White Trilogy: As Red as Blood was originally published by Tammi Publishers in February 2013 to great reviews and excellent sales. The next book, As White as Snow will be published in Finland in October 2013 and As Black as Ebony, the final book, will come out in Spring 2014.  Internationally, the Snow White Trilogy will start publishing in Summer 2014 with As Red as Blood to be published in many territories all over the world.


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  • 05/02/13--03:53: The New
  • The relaunch of Radio Nova's website focuses on social media and web radio.

    Finnish radio listeners take note, Radio Nova is making some big – and small – changes to its website to make it better for site visitors. We talked with Kirsi Takala, executive producer, digital services at Radio Nova about what’s behind it.

    Why have you changed
    We decided that we want to try something different in our site. We really wanted our site to be the same as radio - interactive, quick to respond to changes, easy to handle, full of interesting info for our listeners and it must show listeners what’s happening here in the radio (hosts of the show, visitors, bands…). We also want to give our web radio a bigger role in our site.

    The whole project won’t be ready until the end of June. We’re improving our site bit by bit, testing it while doing so. It's a never-ending project. You have to keep up with changes!       

    The site is focusing a lot more on social media, why did you decide to take that route?
    Social media is more and more important to people every day. We want to share things, it's an easy way to communicate, it's fast, it gives you plenty of information in different subjects like news, trends and personal information. Social media reminds me of radio, it's a quite personal media. It is also time-related, things come and go in radio and in social media.

    What are you hoping will be the results once you’re finished in June?
    We want to be a site where you can find all the relevant information for you. It's a combination of music, news, trends, artists, events, competitions, our shows, traffic information, videos, pictures and so on. We also try to take advantage of social media by for example re-tweeting interesting tweets by famous people. Our goal is that you can always find something new and interesting when you come to our site.

    What is also nice is that even if you don't use Facebook or Twitter you are able to be part of that world by coming to our site. Oh, and our page is responsive so it fits every screen. Very new stuff!


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  • 05/02/13--05:08: Mountain Group to AIM.
  • Bonnier Corp. has reached an agreement to sell the Mountain Group — including SKI, Skiing, Skiing Business, Warren Miller Entertainment and NASTAR — to Active Interest Media, owner of such titles as Backpacker and Snow Show Preview.The deal is scheduled to be closed next month.


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  • 05/02/13--08:10: Storytellers' Agency.
  • Lars Kepler and Bonnierförlagen launch a new literary agency: Storytellers' Agency.

    Elisabet Brännström, Alexandra and Alexander Ahndoril

    Swedish authors Alexandra and Alexander Ahndoril (who write under the pseudonym Lars Kepler) and Bonnierförlagen have started a joint literary agency: Storytellers' Agency.

    Alexandra and Alexander Ahndoril and Bonnierförlagen have worked together since 2009, and this collaboration has grown into a major international venture covering book publishing, film and television production in 39 languages. Building on this creative partnership, they have agreed to further their cooperation with the launch of a joint literary agency.

    "The book, film and broadcast business is changing at breakneck speed, something which also affects the role of literary agencies," says Håkan Rudels, Managing Director for Bonnierförlagen. "A good story is still central, but the ways in which this is managed and developed is changing. That two of Sweden's most prominent thriller writers have joined us in starting this new agency means that we are in pole position from day one."

    Storytellers' Agency's goal is to represent a number of authors in the international market. Initially, the agency will be working in the areas of book, film and television rights.

    Heading up the new agency will be Elisabet Brännström, currently Rights Director at Head of Zeus Ltd in London. Elisabet Brännström has worked in publishing in London for eight years, five of these as a literary agent at Andrew Nurnberg Associates. In 2012 she joined Anthony Cheetham's publishing house Head of Zeus, where she set up the foreign rights department and sold rights across the list around the world. She's looking forward to moving back to Sweden to head up Storytellers' Agency, she says.

    "During our five years as Lars Kepler, we have been on a sort of crash course in international launches," say Alexander & Alexandra Ahndoril. "All this experience has now converged to create a vision of a modern, dynamic agency with a unique author perspective."

    Further employees will be recruited shortly.


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  • 05/06/13--09:03: Top Prize.
  • U.S. food title Saveur wins the gold in the National Magazine Awards.

    For the second straight year, Saveur has won a National Magazine Award, the top prize in the industry. The Bonnier title took home the top prize in the Single-Topic Issue category for its August/September "The Mexico Issue."

    Sponsored by the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME), the National Magazine Awards are the preeminent awards for magazine journalism.

    “It's a fantastic validation of the blood, sweat, tears and enormous passion that go into making Saveur," said James Oseland, editor-in-chief. "And a special shout out to Bonnier for allowing us to create the kind of intelligent, envelope-pushing content that other companies probably wouldn't allow.”

    Saveur was also a finalist in two other categories: General Excellence for Lifestyle Magazines and Video for its Master Class Video Series.

    Fellow Bonnier title Field & Stream was a finalist in the Multimedia category for “The Best Days of the Rut 2012” from its November print issue and “The F&S Rut Reporters” at and for the iPhone.


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  • 05/08/13--01:57: Meet Anna Kerler.
  • GROW participant finds many sides to Stockholm both on and off the job during three months in Sweden.

    Anna Kerler

    In Munich, Anna Kerler works for Buch- und Mediendienst at Bonnier Media Deutschland where she deals with a lot of data on book sales for the publishing houses arsEdition, Carlsen and Thienemann. But for the past three months, she was in Stockholm in the GROW program, working first at online sales company Bink and then at book publisher Bonnierförlagen.

    At Bink, although the job was quite different from her work in Germany, there were some parallels in that at both it was about finding sales arguments and utilizing knowledge of customers fully. At Bonnierförlagen, even if it was the same industry, Kerler ended up working on a quite different project: setting up a Pinterest account for the publisher that would show the history of the venerable publishing house. “I had access to the archive and I got to see a lot of old and new photographs there!” she says.

    Kerler had a very unusual situation in that halfway through her GROW time, Bink was dissolved and she had to decide where she would continue her time. “I was afraid that I would have to leave Stockholm six weeks earlier,” she says. But she was given several options and she chose to go to Bonnierförlagen. “For me it was a great chance to see how the publishing houses work in Sweden – and of course at Bonnierförlagen it’s all about books and this is where my heart is.”

    Despite the change halfway, Kerler says the experience was great. “It’s such an amazing chance you get from your employer that you don’t want to miss!” she says. “Where else do you have the possibility to go abroad for three months, work there, get to know another country, another culture, another way of life and of work, a new company (in my case it was even two), new people, achieve new language skills, keep your job at home and get so much support for it from both sides, from your host company and your company at home? I can only recommend this kind of exchange to everyone who has the opportunity to do it.”

    And she’ll be missing plenty from Stockholm, from new friends to the great interior design everywhere, not to mention boats out into the Stockholm Archipelago. “It was a great experience to see how different you spend your leisure time when you are abroad,” says Kerler. “You do a lot more things like going to a museum, doing some sightseeing, trying restaurants or cafés, etc.  You should really try to take some of that back home and not get stuck into the daily routine as usual.”


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  • 05/08/13--07:02: Something Extra from DiY.
  • How do you become a good leader? Business leader Percy Barnevik and Humblestorm founder Mernosh Saatchi explained for students at a Dagens industri DiY event.

    A year ago, Dagens industri DiY launched, a newspaper for technology, finance and law students at Sweden's top schools of higher education. Yesterday, some 300 of the 35,000 subscribers to the paper got the chance to meet Swedish business leader Percy Barnevik and Mernosh Saatchi, founder and CEO for communications agency Humblestorm and hear what to expect if one wants to become a business leader.

    "The goal with the DiY project is to give students a better insight into the business world," says Viktor Ström, editor for Dagens industri DiY.

    Much of Percy Barnevik's advice was about how to get a better start in your career. Mernosh Saatchi, who started Humblestorm when she was 22, talked about how she learned and grew into her leadership role at the same time her company grew.

    To take part in the event, the students applied with a CV, and there was a lot of competition for the available seats, says Johan Östberg, project manager for Dagens industri DiY.

    "We've gotten a very positive response both during the event itself as well as in social media," says Ström. "The most exciting was that so many found that the event gave them real advice for their future careers."


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  • 05/08/13--08:07: For Geek Girls.
  • Bonnier D2D sponsors Geek Girl Meetup in Stockholm May 25-26.

    Photo: Anna Gerdén, photographer Tekniska Museet

    We talked with Heidi Harmann, founder of the upcoming Geek Girl Meetup taking place at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm May 25-26. The event is sponsored by Bonnier D2D and Bonnier Accelerator.

    What are Geek Girls and Geek Girl Meetup?
    Geek Girl Meetup is an unconference of web coding and startups with the purpose of making woman role models more visible, creating networks and actively exchanging knowledge.

    With my own startup in 2008, I was really interested in technology and business development - and I lacked women role models at technology conferences, both on-stage and in the audience. Jag contacted my fellow founder Andie Nordgren, and in 2008 we started Geek Girl Meetup at Lydmar Hotel in Stockholm. In 2009 we had our first conference at my then-workplace, IFL, by the Stockholm School of Economics.

    We had 50 spots but a lot more than 50 women came, and we saw that there was a real need for GGM. Plus we had so much fun! We had to do it again, and so it continued. Local entrepreneurs started in Öresund, Göteborg, Denmark, Mexico, Umeå, London, Hong Kong, Berlin and most recently, Oxford.

    On a national level, it's important that Sweden maintain its position as an idea-driven competitive power, we'll never be able to compete on price. In that respect, it's important that ideas come fomr as many different sources in as many formats as possible. Product development needs to more gender neutral.

    Who can take part?
    The conference is participant-driven, which means that we ask the participants what they want to contribute with, a talk for example. Then we make choices and get participant-lead talks and profile local role models. Our program director and curator, Linda Sandberg, @copylinda, and Ebba Kierkegaard, space expert, have tailored this year's program under the theme Rymden: Enter.Space (rymden means space in Swedish).

    You don't need to be a developer or do code, what's important is that you're curious and want to learn new things.

    What are you most looking forward to with Geek Girl Meetup?
    This year's Geek Girl Meetup will bring together 250 participants at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm to talk about startups, code and space in connection with the fact that Sweden will be the third country in the world to open up a Space Port for space tourism. Read more about the program here.

    When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut and I look forward to nerding out on the space theme. I'm looking forward to meeting all the participants, listening to talks and learning lots of things that I know nothing about - served on a silver platter!

    I'm also looking forward to speaking and sharing my experience with Ruby on Rails - how to put up a simple site in 30 minutes. After having been behind Geek Girls for five years, I'll be part of the board but I won't be working operatively but instead focusing on my own startups. Who knows, I might even manage to apply to Bonnier Accelerator!


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  • 05/15/13--04:27: Parenting to Meredith.
  • Yesterday, Bonnier Corporation announced the sale of the Parenting Group to U.S: magazine publisher Meredith. The sales includes the Parenting, Babytalk and Conceive brands.

    In a statement to the press, Bonnier Corporation CEO Dave Freygang said: "Over the past several months Bonnier Corporation has made adjustments to our product portfolio. These moves are strategic calculations on our part to ensure that the company is in a position to grow revenues and achieve sustained profitability."



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  • 05/15/13--08:39: Granta Grows.
  • An old but new literary magazine fills an empty space on Swedish magazine shelves.


    Granta has gone Swedish.

    The very first issue of the venerable British literary magazine was published recently in Sweden by Albert Bonniers Förlag to great reviews: “A hopeful step forward for Swedish literature,” according to Swedish Radio’s culture news, for example.

    Founded in Cambridge, England in the 19th century, Granta published early works of a number of writers who later became famous, such as E.M. Forster, A.A. Milne and Sylvia Plath. In the late 1970s, the magazine underwent a complete overhaul and broadened its focus and reach. It also decided to go international with a Spanish edition, first published some ten years ago, followed by a number of other languages, including Chinese, Italian and now Swedish, each mixing original content with translated content from the British issue.

    Granta is a literary magazine for readers who are interested in culture and current events,” says Johanna Haegerström, editor-in-chief for the Swedish edition. “We want to highlight strong and eye-opening stories, regardless of whether they are short stories, novel excerpts, autobiography or reporting. The first issue included authors like Karin Johannisson, Amanda Svensson, Haruki Murakami, Peter Fröberg Idling and Junot Díaz.”

    But why would a book publisher put out a magazine?

    It’s actually nothing new, says Haegerström. Book publishers have traditionally published literary magazines. “One key reason for doing so is that we can take advantage of the knowledge and information existing within the publishing house, smack in the middle of the literary arena,” she says. “Granta is also actually something midway between a book and a magazine. It’s more like a book in terms of format and scope, and the content is geared toward original texts, so it fits in especially well with the rest of our publishing list.”

    Reviews have been positive, and sales look promising, says Haegerström. “There’s been a widening empty space on Swedish magazine shelves for a really good broad literary magazine with short stories and reporting. It’s a tough market, but many have been waiting long for something like Swedish Granta and my goal is to truly fill that spot.”

    The next issue will be out in November – the thick magazine comes out twice a year – and the theme for the issue will be “heritage.”

    “Readers will find the same first-class and wild mix of writers and texts as in the first issue!” says Haegerström.


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  • 05/16/13--02:24: First App from Sago Sago.
  • Jason Krogh talks about the first kids' toy app from Sago Sago released today.

    Sago Sago apps

    You may not have heard of Sago Mini Sound Box or Sago Mini Forest Flyer yet, but Jason Krogh, CEO for children’s app developer Sago Sago hopes you will starting May 16. That’s when the company’s first app, Sago Mini Sound Box will be available in the App Store – you can download it here for free during the first week. Forest Flyer follows shortly with a May 26 release.

    “We bring together designers and developers to create great digital content for children,” says Krogh. “We believe that appropriately designed technology can play a positive role in children’s lives.”

    Sago Sago was founded in February 2013 when Toca Boca acquired the Tickle Tap Apps and the development team from zinc Roe, a digital media studio founded by Krogh in 2001. The company is based in Toronto.

    The first two apps being released are part of Sago Mini, a series designed for 2-4 year olds. Sago Mini Sound Box turns an iPhone or iPad into a sound toy, where every touch creates a little sound that bounces around the screen. Sago Mini Forest Flyer lets kids explore a forest with Robin the Bird, uncovering fun little animations. “The apps are designed for open-ended play and are modeled after toys rather than traditional books or video games,” says Krogh. “They invite kids to explore at their own pace and are free of instructions and rules.”

    It’s a philosophy that echoes that of owner Toca Boca, which develops its own popular children’s toy apps that have been extremely popular worldwide.

    “We work most closely with Toca Boca's growth team based in San Francisco,” says Krogh. “Together we handle business strategy, marketing and promotion of our products. Our studio works independently of the Toca Boca studio in Stockholm but we share resources and expertise across the two teams from time to time.”

    Plans are to release a total of eight Sago Mini apps by the end of 2013. And the team is working on a new set of apps that emphasize creativity and self-expression. “But our first priority is to establish Sago Mini as a trusted brand of quality apps for younger children.”

    Download the app at the App Store here. Or watch the trailer here.


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  • 05/16/13--02:50: Spoon No. 1 at Guldbladet.
  • On Tuesday, winners of Sweden's biggest award for content publishing, Guldbladet (the golden leaf), were announced and content agency Spoon came home with eight prizes - the biggest winner of the evening.

    Spoon was nominated in 13 of 14 categories and won a total of five gold and three silver prizes. Among the winning categoreis were best web TV, best cover, best mobile communication and best annual report.

    In the category best mobile communications, Spoon was nominated three times and in the best web TV category, Spoon had four of the five nominated entries.

    Spoon won also in the catogory best journalism with the Swedish Maritime Search and Rescue Society's magazine Trossen; Parks & Resorts' annual report won both in the category cover of the year and annual report of the year.


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  • 05/16/13--07:31: Thomas Matsson Is It.
  • Expressen's editor-in-chief named Industry Person of the Year.

    Thomas Mattsson

    During Stockholm Media Week, the annual gathering of Sweden's media industry, Expressen Editor-in-Chief Thomas Mattsson was named Industry Person of the Year.

    The jury wrote: "He dares to make unconventional decisions and never shies away from debate. Few media bosses evangelize so energetically for their type of media ö- regardless of whether it's the journalism or the business model. He's a good listener, curious and knows that success comes only with blood, sweat and tears. He's challenged every day by tough competition, spiced up by an offline publishing world undergoing dramatic change."

    Mattsson thanked all in a blog entry. "Huge thanks to everyone who's contacted me and congratulated me for being named Industry Person of the Year," he wrote. "Your mail, texts and Tweets were very kind. And how the jury described me is true of many of my able co-workers. Congratulations to you!"


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  • 05/17/13--09:37: Sonet Television Launches.
  • New TV production company from Sonet Film, one of Sweden's premier film producers.


    Swedish feature film production company Sonet Film is launching a new production entity, Sonet Television. The new production division will focus on the production of television drama series for the local and international markets.

    The new television division will be managed by Sonet Films CEO Peter Possne together with producer Rickard Petrelius.

    Projects already in development are drama and crime series created by internationally acclaimed writers such as Håkan Nesser, Kerstin Ekman, Henning Mankell, Lars Kepler, Anne Holt and Leif G W Persson.

    In addition to a producer team that includes Peter Possne, Rickard Petrelius and Sandra Harms, the new division will also include as producer Ingrid Dahlberg, who has served as Head of Drama for the public service channel Swedish Television and Director of the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm.

    Principal shooting of the first series is planned to take off during 2014.

    "I am extremely happy and proud that we today can announce the launch of our new TV-production unit that will give Sonet Film an even stronger market position in the fast changing global media market," says Peter Possne, CEO at Sonet Film.


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  • 05/17/13--09:44: TV11 to Discovery
  • The TV4 Group and SBS Discovery Media announced they have concluded an agreement for the sale of TV11. As of June 1, the channel will move from the TV4 Group to SBS Discovery.

    The agreement between the two companies is the result of a structural overhaul of the TV4 Groups portfolio of channels and sports rights. Begun in the fall, the changes are planned to help strengthen and develop the company's operations.

    "We've created a lot of value in TV11 and after extensive negotiations, sold the channel," says Casten Almqvist, CEO for the TV4 Group. "The business gives us extra financial leeway to further increase our investments in Swedish productions as well as in TV4 Play, two areas that we are prioritizing right now."


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